Welcome to the Analytics Frontiers Conference!

In response to the current COVID-19 restrictions on large face-to-face gatherings, the 7th annual Analytics Frontiers Conference will be held virtually on April 22nd - 23rd, 2021. 

With the flexibility of a virtual environment, Analytics Frontiers 2021 will be held over multiple days (April 22nd -23rd), granting the opportunity to host an even larger number of attendees than our traditional conference space could support.

The Analytics Frontiers Conference is the largest data science conference in the region, attracting more than 500 thought leaders, scientists, and business executives from different industries and academia. 

Data science is at the forefront of the modern industrial revolution and this conference covers cutting-edge ideas, the latest innovations, and the next big thing in technology and data science. 

The Analytics Frontiers Conference, sponsored by UNC Charlotte and Bank of America, will feature tracks in Explainable AI, Ethics in AI, The Future of AI, AI Adoption, Natural Language Processing, Industry Case Studies and more.





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