Eric Sauda

UNC Charlotte, School of Architecture
Architect, Professor and Researcher
Eric Sauda is a professor at  the School of Architecture at UNC Charlotte His career as a practicing architect included built work of residential, industrial and commercial architecture. He has served the university in leadership roles including six years as chair of the department. He is a co-founder of the Digital Arts Center in the College of Arts + Architecture and has led the development and implementation of the innovative dual masters degree in architecture and computer science/information technology now in its 5th year.   His current research is focused on VAIRoma, a visual analytic interface for the entire spatial, temporal and topical history of Rome; VALSE (Visual Analytics for Large Scale Ethnography) with colleagues in computer vision and ethnography; Prepared Music Field, a new work by the composer Ian Dicke that will premiere at the Bechtler Museum and integrates the use of smart phone apps by the audience; and Urban Activity Explorer, an interface that allows users to explore and understand huge archives of mobile social media data. His work has been published and presented at numerous conferences, journals and book chapters in a variety of fields including architecture, urban design/planning, computer science and media studies.