Peter Bals

Founder, Gluetech, Inc.

Peter Bals is the founder of Gluetech Inc.. He started his career building AI solutions in the automotive industry in Germany before eventually moving to the United States joining the AI Center of Digital Equipment (now HP) in Palo Alto, California in 1990. After a ten-year career with Silicon Valley technology startups, he moved to NYC to help Wall Street firms apply advanced technology for their competitiveness.  Throughout his career, he received various industry awards for his innovative approach to solving complex business problems using technology.  After a successful career in Finance Technology in senior roles, he applied his lessons learned to become an entrepreneur. His team and he built Gluetech’s dataprobe product, which automates end-to-end data traceability of financial business processes within and across organizational boundaries for the purpose of regulatory reporting in real-time and without intrusion to existing operating environments.