Vikram Joshi

CEO and Co-Founder

Vikram Joshi’s technical background spans multiple disciplines such as operating systems, parallel and distributed systems, databases, storage, media, and computer graphics. Prior to co-founding Xcalar, Inc., Vikram founded IO Turbine that specialized in software to accelerate virtualized systems and storage using flash (acquired by Fusion-io), and PixBlitz Studios where he developed video advertising technology for broadcast sports and entertainment. At Oracle, his work included doubling database performance on 12 to 64 way SMPs and laying the foundation for the Exadata appliance group. Prior to that Vikram worked on video on demand and a video game server at Silicon Graphics. At Sun Microsystems, he worked on the Solaris virtual memory subsystem and the Spring Microkernel (Sunlabs). He holds a MS (Hons.) in Physics and a BE (Hons.) in Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India.